Friday, February 7, 2014

Cioconat Lounge

Situated at the point Barnes Place meets Kynsey Road, Cioconat Lounge is not difficult to find. There is enough and more space and the seats are quite comfortable. There also ample parking space. One of the best things about the place is the buzzer on each table. This means you don’t have to rush through the menu because of the waiter hovering by or have to do that awkward wave to get the attention of a waiter. You could take all the time you wanted to order and the staff was quick to respond to the buzzer (however, this could also be explained by the small number of customers Cioconat saw during the time we were there).

The menu offered quite a variety, but as we were there for the coffee, we didn’t bother spending too much time on the various dishes.


The lowest priced item on the coffee menu was Rs 300 and the highest was Rs 550. Our Double Cappuccino and Caffe Latte were priced at Rs 420 and Rs 400 respectively; slightly high priced in our opinion.


Service was quick, except when bringing us the bill, which took a bit too long. However, the staff was quite friendly and weren’t impatient or too eager. They didn't pester the customer and never forgot to smile.

However, a lady was mopping the floor while we were having our coffee. This made us feel a bit uncomfortable. She may have been mopping the place because there were very few customers, however, it isn't proper to mop the area very close to the customers.



Double Cappuccino
A cappuccino is a drink made from a mixture of espresso and milk. It is supposed to be equal parts of steamed milk and frothed milk with a single or double shot of espresso.

However, the "double cappuccino" which was served was very much creamier than what an ideal Double Cap should be. Therefore in my opinion, it tasted more like a latte than a Cappuccino. 

The espresso used tasted strong and bitter, giving it an extra kick which would only be enjoyed by certain people. However, the 1cm layer of foam on top was near-perfect. 

Overall, the cappuccino was good. But there was definitely more room for improvement.

(though I expected more from a cup of coffee which cost me Rs 420)
Out of five stars





It was chewy and hard and stuck to my teeth. The brownie wasn't at all gooey or chocolaty and the menu didn't mention it would have nuts in it. It was rich and heavy and there wasn't enough ice cream (an extra scoop was Rs 200, which is not worth it even if the main ingredient for it was gold). The Cioconat version put me off brownies for a long time and I couldn't even eat one third of it.
overall  opinion- horrible

Out of five stars






Caffe Latte

The coffee was quite strong and lovely. However, if you don’t like that slightly bitter taste left behind by most types of coffee, the Latte may not be for you. There was also a slight toffee aftertaste which was quite pleasant. It could have been slightly thicker, especially considering the price. Did I enjoy it? Yes. Do I want to pay that price for another Latte? No.

Out of five stars






Huge disappointment. The size of the brownie was quite large, and seemed worth the price of Rs 440. However, it looks better than it tastes. The white chocolate garnish made no real difference and seemed a bit unnecessary. The vanilla ice cream scoop was quite small and it melted quickly, which meant the fork provided could not be used for the ice cream. The brownie itself was thick and heavy but didn’t taste chocolaty or gooey. The nuts in the brownie were a horrible surprise and the brownie itself was quite hard and tasted stale.

Zero stars

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