Friday, February 28, 2014

Heladiv Tea Club

Heladiv Tea Club at Dutch Hospital is the perfect place for a cup of tea or coffee on a nice cool morning or evening. If you get there before the crowd gets unbearable, you can enjoy a drink while people watching, reading, typing away on your laptop or chatting with a friend.


They were quick to bring the menus over, and later the ‘drink (alcohol) menu’ almost as an afterthought. The waitress kept hovering over us as we were deciding on what to get, and after making things uncomfortable, went off to serve another table. We then had to wait a few more minutes before our order was taken. This however, was nothing compared to the wait for our food and drinks. At one point, we actually considered leaving.

What was even more annoying was the fact that customers who ordered after us were served before us. They were foreigners, which added to the insult.

Further, the waitress wasn’t familiar with the menu and didn’t understand our very Sri Lankan accent. We had to point to the items on the menu which was quite embarrassing. However, the staff was quite friendly and helpful, which is something not found in many places. They also cleared our table as soon as we were done, which was a good thing.


The drinks weren't exactly cheap but they weren't extremely high priced either.

The form we had to fill out at the end was quite nice and we hope our comments are read and taken into consideration.


The Ice cappuccino was flavorless and watery. The coffee was very bitter and no amount of sugar syrup could completely drown that unpleasant taste. It left an aftertaste –probably due to the use of over-roasted coffee beans – which could only be described as disturbing. Or maybe yucky! The cappuccino was definitely not worth the money and I would not recommend it to anyone. Or maybe that's what you get when you order coffee at a tea club.



The Ice Americano would have been quite good if not for the bitterness of the coffee. It made the whole drink terrible as the coffee would be sweet (thanks to all the sugar added) and would then leave this bitter aftertaste.  It was extremely weird to have these two completely different tastes from one drink. Also made it difficult to keep the drink down. It would have been so much better if the coffee itself was good. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, unless they love that bitter aftertaste.

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