Friday, March 14, 2014

Perera and Sons

Perera and Sons’ Iced Coffee is truly a life saver.  Thanks to having a P&S right next to office, I (Shailee) tend to spend my earnings on Iced Coffee. It’s usually cold enough and is conveniently in a plastic cup with a silver top. However, anyone looking for a fancy cup of coffee will be terribly disappointed by it; you are given a straw you have to pierce the silver top with in order to have the coffee.

Since there are many outlets, we can’t really talk about the place. The one near my office is certainly not a place to sit and sip your coffee while you read a book or people watch. You pay for your food, you eat it and you leave. However, the P&S Iced Coffee isn't something you take minutes to drinks. A few gulps and it’s over.


The coffee is quite cheap at Rs 55 and it is certainly not a waste of money.


It really depends on the outlet and the day. Sometimes the staff is friendly and sometimes it seems like they will bite your head off. In general, the service isn't bad.


The iced coffee was simple and light. It was good and refreshing, but would have been much better if it contained a bit more condensed milk and less sugar. However it was relatively cheap and definitely worth the price paid.


The iced coffee is a bit too watery, and quite sweet. Coffee would be better if it was thicker and slightly stronger. However, it’s worth the price and I would recommend it to anyone who needs a boost of coffee. 

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